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Ohana Hale Marketplace (OHM) is a unique entity among the sea of shopping alternatives in the desirable address of 333 Ward Avenue (formerly Sports Authority) leased by Howard Hughes Corporation.


OHM currently is Hawaii’s largest indoor marketplace for local businesses, bringing together a complete menu of products and services in one building. Offerings primarily include more than 200 local retail and food vendor areas.


The company’s prime objective is to offer greater opportunities for Hawaii businesses and families to thrive. The OHM company will provide outstanding facilities and offer extraordinary customer service for each person who invests, works at, and patronizes the establishment.


At ‘Ohana Hale Marketplace, we are committed to ensuring the best experience for our vendor partners. We understand that there are uncertainties and unknowns in every start-up. While others may press for long-term commitments, we want our partners, who have placed their trust in us, to be completely comfortable, knowing that we are looking out for them.


For this reason, we offer 4 week blocks that can be paid monthly. While we are confident that OHM will be a unique and shining star in the retail world, we wish to show respect to all those who have signed up, giving them peace of mind. Just another way that OHM is showing our partners that ‘Ohana is not just a word we take casually–it is the guiding force of all we do.


The core values of the company reflect strong family and community support, being locally owned and operated. With local businesses employing more than half of the Hawaii population, it is concerning that many of these companies are going out of business. OHM’s purpose is to give local entrepreneurs stability, the services they need, a strong marketing footprint, as well as a supportive community of like-minded business owners.