Christopher Ulu, Owner & Chief Executive Officer

Chris was born and raised in Hawaii, and has an impressive history of hard work and success. Being an entrepreneur himself, he holds a special passion for helping other businesses succeed. As well, he has sincere appreciation for those who have helped and believed in him along the way and is committed to giving back to the community.

His early years shaped his life and values. Growing up in Waianae, Chris took up boxing and eventually became a Golden Glove boxer. A tragedy occurred, as he witnessed his mentor stabbed and killed. Through difficult times, Chris ended his boxing career and began working with Self Storage businesses, starting as a janitor. With hard work, perseverance and constantly seeking to learn and achieve, Chris realized his dream.  In 2010, he and his son partnered together to open StorKeepers, a successful storage facility in the high traffic Kapiolani district.

Growing up in Waianae, Chris has more than 25 years of experience in storage facilities, management and sales.

In 2010, we went out on his own to open StorKeeper Self Storage, with his son as a partner. Each year, the business has shown growth. With success under his belt, Chris started dreaming of his next opportunity. With a passion to help entrepreneurs, he envisioned a marketplace that would be large enough for hundreds of small business owners find a permanent home.

As StorKeepers grew, Chris envisioned another endeavor. Knowing how difficult life can be for entrepreneurs in Hawaii, he wanted to give them a permanent home where their businesses could thrive. The persistence he learned in his early life has guided him through this journey to opening Ohana Hale Marketplace. With an operations and marketing team in place, Chris is realizing his dream every day, as construction is in motion and vendors are coming on board. Chris will tell you that his strength comes from his faith, his family, living by his core values of honesty and respect.