สวัสดี (hello), my name is Tash Thanarat. I am the founder and owner of Sabaii LLC. Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, Thai food has been a big part of my life from the beginning. With over 17 years experience in service industry, specialized in food and beverage, I sure love to share my favorite dishes and drinks with everyone. This is why I started Sabaii.

Sabaii, Thai for “all good”, is often used to describe one’s disposition. It is a phrase that also represent our business. I learned to cook Thai food during my childhood watching my father in the kitchen. In Thailand, we are surrounded by amazing food everywhere. I love eating as much as I love cooking, a drive which led me to where I am today.

With many years working in restaurants and bars, I’ve acquired a wide knowledge of wine, craft beers and craft cocktails. I was involved with a craft cocktail program in our nation’s capital, Washington DC. A program where we carefully selected our ingredients and recipes to produce to finest cocktails. Once I moved to Hawaii, I started working at our beloved local craft brewery, Honolulu Beerworks. Here, I was able to work closely with the people producing some of the finest beers on the island. All of my experience combined with my love for the real Thai food, Sabaii was born. Unable to find Thai food to satisfy my tastebuds, I often cook for friends and family. Carefully selecting fresh ingredients and finding just the right way to use them, I was able to recreate many of the dishes I grew up loving. It’s too good not to share!

I am eager to take a step into this new adventure and am very excited to be a part of Ohana Hale Marketplace. If you ever find yourself in the area, come stop by and say hello! Whether you are hungry, thirsty or simply in for a good conversation, we’d love to have you at our booth!

See you soon.

We are at Booth #001. Come visit us!